Common areas

Apartment buildings all have areas we call common areas: basement and attic storage, maintenance areas, trash rooms, bike garages and so on. There are great advantages to linking all the locks (or card readers) on all the doors to the SOLICARD ARX access control system.

Storage areas

Usually all building residents have access to storage areas. The card reader on storage area doors is easy to program so that it only lets a certain category of users in. For example, people with storage space in the attic can have access only to the attic door and not the basement, while those with storage in the basement can’t get into the attic.
A central program is used to block a lost card or tag, and the readers on all doors are instantly updated. In the event of a burglary or fire, the access system shows you who was there last.

Maintenance areas

These areas often need to be accessible by external professionals, such as elevator installers, electricians and so on. The access control system lets you issue temporary access cards to such people.

Trash rooms

If the trash room is secured with a card reader, no unauthorized people can throw their trash there. Waste collection can get expensive if it turns out that former tenants are still using the trash room with an old key.

Bicycle garage

Only tenants who have specified that they own a bike should have access to the bike garage. Simply knowing that a list can be generated of who has been in the room makes people more careful to keep it in order than a regular mechanical lock would.
In many areas, it is difficult to install card readers on the walls. The DBL1 is a card reader that can be installed right on the door and is resistant to vandalism.
Hundreds of dollars are spent each year taking care of trash left by unauthorized people in the trash room. The SOLICARD ARX access control system ensures that no unauthorized people get in.